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Meet Heather!

Hi there! I am honored to have you visit!

I am the newborn and family side of Heather & Sarah Photography! Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, I know what you’re going through, as I have five rambunctious and loving kids of my own. I also know that it is imperative to make a lasting memory while you can, especially when your precious little gift is still in the newborn stage. I have been capturing these fleeting moments for almost nine years and have learned how to perfectly pose each newborn so as to best showcase their adorable features and small personalities. When I’m not in the studio or fulfilling my Mom duties, I love to scrapbook, dive into other crafty projects (such as homemade lotions & soaps, sewing, and crocheting), curl up with a good book in the winter, and enjoy the beautiful Connecticut weather in the summer. I’ll also never turn down an iced coffee, especially if it’s with a good friend, or a surprise date night with my wonderful husband. I’d love to further introduce myself and am interested in what your photography needs may be!


- WIFE -

to Shawn


to five youngsters

- Photographer -

with her best friend/sister!

- Doula -

with a passion for helping women in labor!

I cannot wait to get in touch with you and capture some sweet memories.

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I have grown in specializing in newborns over the past 7 years, learning how to perfectly pose each newborn so as best to showcase their adorable features and small personalities. From their cute little toes to the tip top of their tiny head, I make sure to carefully and delicately place your precious baby in multiple positions, to be able to provide you with a wide array of memories from which you can choose. Each photo requires a few pictures, with my assistant ensuring that your child is safe and secure in different positions in each, that I will then edit together to create the wonderful photograph that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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We had four kids in barely five years and now a few years later have added another darling baby boy.
Life gets a little crazy, but it's never boring!

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The Swiss Miss Closet

I enjoy making things, everything and anything. 
I learned to crochet when I was 11 and grew up cooking, baking, preserving food and canning with my mom. In 2012 I started an Etsy store and then my husband started helping me make things! We now run a busy online store with personalized etched glasses for weddings and different things. I would love to pursue it to the point of having my husband work full time at home, though, with the 5 littles running around I think he enjoys going to work now and then :)