Adventuring in Iceland 2017

Its amazing how God knows exactly who you should be with and how well you will work together. I am so thankful that God choose us for each other and that we share the same love for traveling and adventures. So when Stuart & I got married we made it a goal to see all the natural wonder of the worlds together. About a year in and we already have 2 checked off the list!

Aurora Borealis✓(March 2017)

Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

Grand Canyon✓(November 2016)

Great Barrier Reef

Mount Everest


Victoria Falls


I am excited to share a few photos from our trip to Iceland, I'll be posting a separate post from Ireland. I may have taken a lot of photos. And by a lot I mean over a thousand, poor Stuart ;) Its just so amazing beautiful in both of those countries.

We explored around Iceland in a camper van, we thought that would be the funnest and that way we could do whatever we wanted and wouldn't have to be in a certain place any night. We could just take our time.

Iceland in the winter is amazingly beautiful, black volcanic rock, pop up snow squalls and green moss.

We landed at 4:45am and slept a little bit in the airport. We picked up our camper van, made a stop at a grocery store and started our adventure!


We went snorkeling between the two tectonic plates. Snowing like crazy above us, yet a brilliant blue and as clear as your eye could see, below us. The water was melted glacier water at a balmy 33 degrees. Dry suits for the win... you also feel like a penguin in them and can't move very well, but they kept us warm.


That night we walked into town and went to a local pub. The food was amazing, Stuart got whale with a maple gaze and I got a burger with a crepe on top. Both were delicious and we don't have a photo of either. This was the only sit-down  restaurant we went to, besides the little walk up shacks. Food there is very expensive so we made grilled cheese and PB&Js the whole trip. Yes, we felt like kids, but really. How amazing are PB&Js?!


We camped in a random place and really had no plans for that day, so we just started driving. We ended up exploring a few little towns and soaking in some hot springs. It doesn't get much better than that.


Oh, the famous Icelandic hotdog. I loved. Stuart, not so much. Its such an odd combo of flavors, almost a little fishy, maybe a hint of peanut butter, some crunchy and onions. We bought them at a super cute shack in downtown Reykjavik.

That night we set out to see the Northern Lights, it was pretty cloudy but they still came out for us!!

Bring rain gear. We got soaked hiking behind waterfalls. But so fun!

Bring rain gear. We got soaked hiking behind waterfalls. But so fun!


This was the most amazing fried fish I have ever had. It might have had something to do with the incredible mountains in the background, the awesome trailer we bought it from, the fact that it was caught that morning and about as fresh as you could get. But either way, it was wicked tasty.

This little gem was called the Secret Lagoon. It was amazing of course. I mean how can it not be when its freezing outside and snow is falling but you are soaking in a natural hot tub?!

This little gem was called the Secret Lagoon. It was amazing of course. I mean how can it not be when its freezing outside and snow is falling but you are soaking in a natural hot tub?!


They say if you don't pet an icelandic horse while you're in Iceland, did you really even go?


It is a little bit of a walk to get out to this pool, but oh so worth it! We had made it a goal to soak in a hot spring every day in Iceland... Goal accomplished.


Hiking out to this plane was not on our list of things to do. I thought it would be fun but there was other things I wanted to do and we didn't have a ton of time. BUT.... the day before we had to fly home a huge crazy snow squall came and the roads became un-passable. So we only had a few hours the next day and we were driving and saw a parking lot full of cars and of course we were curious. So we started walking.. and walking.. and walking. 2 miles in and we saw the plane. The photo above is what I like to call natures snowballs. The wind was blowing so hard the day before during the snow squall that the snow literally rolled itself into snowballs. It was pretty crazy. If you keep walking past the airplane, you will come to the ocean. Black sand and huge waves. It was awesome.


Stuart not as impressed with the snow as I was ;)


The Blue Lagoon. We did this on our last night. Being in so many hot springs and not liking crowds, I contemplated canceling our tickets. I had it in my head that it was a tourist trip and I didn't want to go. Um. I was SO wrong. Yes, its touristy. BUT so amazing. Guys, seriously go there. It was awesome. I feel like I can't quite explain how amazing it was. It was snowing pretty hard while we were there and we hardly noticed because you are floating around in a huge hot tub.