Chris & Sara {Wedding Day}

Perfect weather (despite it snowing like 3 days before lol), beautiful venue, two beautiful people in love, surrounded by their family & friends. Dolce Norwalk is an incredible venue & the staff there was so helpful. I am so excited to share these photos, sorry for the overload! Its hard to narrow it down when the day was perfect <3

{Getting Ready}


Chris & Sarah Hulton | Heather & Sarah Photography


{First Look & Portraits}

Chris & Sara choose to do a first look and all of their portraits before the ceremony. It was beautiful & they were able to spend cocktail hour with their guests. It made for such a relaxing day!











Venue- Dolce Norwalk Flowers- Cake- DJ- Makeup- Hair-

Dominic & Caitlyn {Wedding Day}

Dominic & Caitlyn, it was such an honor to be in Aruba with you two <3 We loved celebrating with you and spending time with your family and friends! I am so excited to share these photos, it was such an amazing day I could hardly choose what photos to post. I'm gonna stop talking and let the photos speak for themselves <3


{getting ready}


Caitlyn, you were such a beautiful bride!!




{bridal party}




Pretty much models, you two :)


So beautiful!




Ben & Cayla {Engaged}

These two. They are made for each other and they don't let anything get them down, including a cold, rainy New England day. We met up at Storm King Art Center in New York, I pulled up next to them grabbed my camera and shut the door. With the keys inside. I learned a couple things that morning. One, I have the most amazing clients who are patient and easy going. And two, AAA is a wonderful thing to have!

Ben & Cayla, thanks for being awesome! I am so excited for your wedding and through rain & locked cars, you guys rocked this shoot!!

One more special thing about this couple, we photographed their sister's wedding this past May!! It makes my heart so happy when we get invited back to siblings weddings!


You two make such a beautiful couple!


Andrew & Meagan {Wedding Day}

The forecast called for rain all week, but it didn't dampen their spirits! We had a rain plan and we were ready! Fast forward to the wedding, the most beautiful Autumn day. I think there was a lot of people praying, and God heard :)

Andrew & Meagan, what an amazing day! Thank you for letting us be a part of it and celebrate with you! You are a special couple and that was so clear on your wedding day. Surrounded by family & friends, it was easy to see how loved you are!

Hair & Makeup: Salon Vogue
Dress from: Mariellas
Flowers: Wild Flowers
Venue: Tunxis
Cupcakes: The Cupcake Bug

{Getting Ready}




{Portraits & Bridal Party}


Cutest ring bearer ever :)




First dance song: "From the Ground up" Played for them by their friends, Cody Griffen & Mike Thomas

Mother/Son dance song: "A Mothers Song"


Ben & Christa {Engaged}

Flowers, laughing & love.

Those words pretty much sum up this shoot. It was a beautiful night, exploring the little town of Defiance, OH. Shout out to Kirchers Florist for letting us photograph in their amazing greenhouses!

 Fun fact, Christa and I were roommates last year, and Ben was my husbands roommate for a couple years :) Ben & Christa, I am honored to be a part of your big day. You two were made for each other and I can't wait to see what God has planned for you!

H&S (5 of 38)

Never stop laughing together <3

H&S (8 of 38)
H&S (6 of 38)
H&S (31 of 38)
H&S (33 of 38)
H&S (35 of 38)
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Its been a little quiet around here...

Hello my wonderful readers.... if you are still there... You may have noticed its been awful quite around here, so kudos to you if you are still around and reading this!

Its about to be wedding season around here and I for one, couldn't be more excited! The first wedding of the year is this coming Saturday, for a fantastic couple! Heres a link to their engagement session.

The reason for the quietness?

This guy right here.

View More:

I got engaged a few months ago, he's a keeper ;)

I will share our story at some point, God has really blessed us!

We got married the beginning of this month, and now settling into real life in Northwest Ohio. Its been a pretty awesome few weeks :)

I will still be photographing weddings on the East Coast and also will be photographing out here!

View More:

View More:

One of the most asked questions I got while I was engaged, "who will shoot your wedding?" My answer, "selfiestick" ;)

But for real, Kasey Roth Photography. She flew out from IL and was around for our whole wedding weekend. It would not have been the same without her! It was so much fun, we loved having her around it was like having another best friend.

She also did our engagement photos (above)


So that being said, lets get this party started, bring it on wedding season 2016!! We have some amazing weddings coming up!

Matt & Gina {engaged}

Engagement sessions have always been one of my favorite shoots. In love, in the happiest season of their life. And I get to capture that. For years to come they can look back on these photos, remembering the love they felt.

Matt & Gina, I loved spending the evening with you! You are such an amazing couple and with each other by your sides, you will be able to get through it all!


You two make the most beautiful couple.


Mustache socks for the win! :)


Gina, you are so beautiful.


When you are huge patriot fans, you have to include it into the shoot :)


We are so excited for your wedding! Here's to the next few months, have the time of your life, planning the happiest day of your life!

Andre & Erica

How do I even begin to write this post? It was such a perfect day, Andre & Erica were just amazing. Arriving at Ericas you could feel the anticipation in the air. All of her best friends and family gathered in the room, all getting ready to watch her walk down the aisle.

Andre left a gift for her in the dishwasher. It doesn't work so it was the perfect hiding spot ;)

Here is their love story in Ericas words,

"Andre and I met in 2010, we were both working at the same nursing home. Our coworkers introduced us to each other officially and our first date was a result of encouragement from our coworkers to go out. I remember after our first date thinking about how chivalrous he was and I wondered if that was something that would last or if he was too good to be true? I got lucky because he is just as sweet and romantic now as he was then. Andre proposed to be December 2013 in New York City while on a horse and carriage ride through Central Park."

And than, just like that, it was time!


After some portraits at Hartford City Hall, we headed to the ceremony at La Bella Vista. It did not disappoint, such a wonderful night! So many family and friends gathered to celebrate!

They danced to, "Thinking Out Loud" Ed Sheeran

Father/Daughter dance, "I Loved Her First" by Heartland

We stepped outside for a few minutes to catch the beautiful golden hour!

Walking towards their future, so many hopes and dreams and I hope every single one comes true!

Thanks again you two, I loved spending your special day with you!!

Matt & Trish

This wedding. This day. This couple. I had the hardest time choosing photos for this post, so be ready for a photo overload! To say this day was perfect would be an understatement. The weather, the location, the family & friends that gathered to watch Matt & Trish say "I do."

Here is their story, in Trish's words.

Matt and I met at Walgreens during his last year of Pharmacy School while he was on a rotation.  His preceptor was busy with a huge buyout so I got stuck with the "student" for most of the month.  I was the teacher and he was the student. For Matt, it was love at first site.  And then I spoke and he fell in love with my accent. I was the Southern Belle that he had always dreamed he would marry.  For me, he was the annoying student that I had to repeat everything I said because he was too busy trying to discuss how much we had in common.  Months went by and Matt became a Pharmacist.  He took every opportunity to call his "mentor" to ask the simplest of questions.  Each phone call he would try and state his case that he was a great catch.  Eventually, I transferred to another pharmacy and Matt took over my old pharmacy.  So, of course, he had to call me more to discuss the pharmacy.   And every phone call he tried to became more and more personal and less and less business. When he found out I was single, he enlisted our mutual friend, Reshma, to help his cause.  Every time I complained about another horrible date, Reshma would say, "what about Matt?"  And I would always respond, "please, I can not take him seriously". The two some how convinced me to go out for a drink on a Saturday night.  A drink and apps at happy hour turned into a lot of drinks, dancing, and closing down the bar.  It turned out the guy I thought was an immature player, was a fun loving, easy going, good hearted person who loved everything about me.  Since that night, we have spent every possible moment together.  It turned out, he was right the whole time, we have a lot in common.  For the longest time I wouldn't give him the time of day and now I can't imagine a day without him.

{getting ready}

{first look}


Their adorable dog, Lucy, was all dressed up for the day :)

{Bridal Party & Portraits}

{Cocktail Hour}

It was a beautiful evening, the sun just setting. Some fun games going on outside and just friends & family enjoying the time together.

The ring bearer and flower girl. So sweet :) I love these two photos because they wouldn't look at me, ants are obviously a lot more interesting than smiling for a photo. So, I tried to pick up the any to hold it so they would look at me, except in that process I squished it. Thus resulting in the photo of them just starring at me in shock :)


Every cute little detail just perfectly thought out.

A fun ending to a fantastic day!

Matt & Trish, we can't thank you enough for including us in your happiest day!


Bryan & Alica

Saturday morning proved to be the perfect day for Alica to marry Bryan, the man of her dreams on the family farm. The place where she followed "Daddy" around doing chores, rode horses with her Mom and kept up with her 3 brothers. Being involved with this wedding, I knew one thing from the start. Her family wanted this day to be one of the best, to be special. They completely transformed a hay barn into a reception hall and a field into a ceremony area. And details they did not spare. It was amazing. One thing about being around families on such important days is you can see the love they have for each other, how much they care & how much they will do for each other. So now enough of my rabbling, here is Bryan & Alica's love story!

"We met through a mutual friend while living in San Diego, CA.  Alicia was a student and exploring life away from home, Bryan was serving in the Marine Corps and was stationed there.  The attraction was obvious, but Alicia knew better than to get involved with a military man.  Bryan however was persistent and Alicia eventually caved and agreed to date.  Though the pace of the relationship started out very fast, we practically moved in with each other after a couple of months, it took a long time for them to actually say I do, over 9 years!  The foundation of our relationship is built upon the times and moments we have shared, both the good and the bad.  Best friends might have trying moments together, but will always overcome differences.  After almost a decade together we have become very good at just that. :)"

"something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" Notice the old penny, she had it in her boot all day!

...meanwhile at the guys.. take note the difference between guy & girls getting ready ;)

The first look was on a quaint dirt path leading into wide open fields that look out over the farm.

Then, just like that, it was time to get married! And he just couldn't help to think to himself as his beautiful future walked towards him, he is the luckiest guy in the world.

Some great photo bombs going on through out the day, such a fun wedding party! We loved hanging out with you all!! Thanks for making our job easy :)

Reception time!

First Dance: Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud" Mother-son: Rascal flatts "My Wish" Farther-daughter: Tim Mcgraw "My Little Girl" DJ: Tyrone Eddy Flowers:  Erin Hoffman

You never know what crazy moves will be busted out on the dance floor :)

Bryan & Alica, thank you for letting us be a part of your journey! Here's to many more years!!