Matt & Trish

This wedding. This day. This couple. I had the hardest time choosing photos for this post, so be ready for a photo overload! To say this day was perfect would be an understatement. The weather, the location, the family & friends that gathered to watch Matt & Trish say "I do."

Here is their story, in Trish's words.

Matt and I met at Walgreens during his last year of Pharmacy School while he was on a rotation.  His preceptor was busy with a huge buyout so I got stuck with the "student" for most of the month.  I was the teacher and he was the student. For Matt, it was love at first site.  And then I spoke and he fell in love with my accent. I was the Southern Belle that he had always dreamed he would marry.  For me, he was the annoying student that I had to repeat everything I said because he was too busy trying to discuss how much we had in common.  Months went by and Matt became a Pharmacist.  He took every opportunity to call his "mentor" to ask the simplest of questions.  Each phone call he would try and state his case that he was a great catch.  Eventually, I transferred to another pharmacy and Matt took over my old pharmacy.  So, of course, he had to call me more to discuss the pharmacy.   And every phone call he tried to became more and more personal and less and less business. When he found out I was single, he enlisted our mutual friend, Reshma, to help his cause.  Every time I complained about another horrible date, Reshma would say, "what about Matt?"  And I would always respond, "please, I can not take him seriously". The two some how convinced me to go out for a drink on a Saturday night.  A drink and apps at happy hour turned into a lot of drinks, dancing, and closing down the bar.  It turned out the guy I thought was an immature player, was a fun loving, easy going, good hearted person who loved everything about me.  Since that night, we have spent every possible moment together.  It turned out, he was right the whole time, we have a lot in common.  For the longest time I wouldn't give him the time of day and now I can't imagine a day without him.

{getting ready}

{first look}


Their adorable dog, Lucy, was all dressed up for the day :)

{Bridal Party & Portraits}

{Cocktail Hour}

It was a beautiful evening, the sun just setting. Some fun games going on outside and just friends & family enjoying the time together.

The ring bearer and flower girl. So sweet :) I love these two photos because they wouldn't look at me, ants are obviously a lot more interesting than smiling for a photo. So, I tried to pick up the any to hold it so they would look at me, except in that process I squished it. Thus resulting in the photo of them just starring at me in shock :)


Every cute little detail just perfectly thought out.

A fun ending to a fantastic day!

Matt & Trish, we can't thank you enough for including us in your happiest day!