AC & Danielle {Wedding Day}

AC & Danielle, what an amazing day. We loved being with you, on wedding day & throughout your engagement journey. Your wedding was perfect, your love for each other was evident. You could see the love on your faces when you looked at each other. As quoted in the maid of honor speech, "We all are looking for something and you have both found what we all are looking for."

{Getting Ready}

The hustle and bustle of a wedding day. Your very best girl friends hanging out, reminiscing on old times. Even your kitty was involved :)


Cutest little ring bearers:)


The love in his eyes and the smile on his face, as his beautiful future was walking towards him.


We were brought into the back fields by a horse drawn wagon. It was pretty epic!


The reception was at Salem Cross Inn. It was so beautiful, so much hard work went into all the amazing details.

They danced to, "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw

AC and his Mom danced to, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Danielle and her Dad danced to, "He Didn't Have to be"

AC & Danielle and the whole bridal party did a surprise line dance. It was so great!

"The Candy Bridge" set up the most amazing candy bar. If you need a candy bar for your wedding, they are the ones to call. It was incredible! Also, a shoutout to Salem Cross Inn! If you are looking for a beautiful venue with a awesome staff, look no further than this place!! They are amazing!

We stepped outside and caught the last glimmer of light!

Love you guys, we wish the absolute best for you both!