Its been a little quiet around here...

Hello my wonderful readers.... if you are still there... You may have noticed its been awful quite around here, so kudos to you if you are still around and reading this!

Its about to be wedding season around here and I for one, couldn't be more excited! The first wedding of the year is this coming Saturday, for a fantastic couple! Heres a link to their engagement session.

The reason for the quietness?

This guy right here.

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I got engaged a few months ago, he's a keeper ;)

I will share our story at some point, God has really blessed us!

We got married the beginning of this month, and now settling into real life in Northwest Ohio. Its been a pretty awesome few weeks :)

I will still be photographing weddings on the East Coast and also will be photographing out here!

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One of the most asked questions I got while I was engaged, "who will shoot your wedding?" My answer, "selfiestick" ;)

But for real, Kasey Roth Photography. She flew out from IL and was around for our whole wedding weekend. It would not have been the same without her! It was so much fun, we loved having her around it was like having another best friend.

She also did our engagement photos (above)


So that being said, lets get this party started, bring it on wedding season 2016!! We have some amazing weddings coming up!