Adam & Kathryn {Old Orchard Wedding}

Last week, Heather and I made our way to Hannibal, MO. A quaint little town where Mark Twain was raised. Even more exciting, Hannibal is home to one of the most amazing wedding venues, The Orchard. Adam & Kathryn got married under a huge silver oak tree, surrounded by family and friends. The love they share is strong, but their love for Jesus is even stronger! They live a mission filled life and I am so excited to see how God uses them, as His hands and feet.

The Orchard has been added to my list of favorite venues I have photographed. Everything the couple needed was there, and oh so beautiful!

The couple got ready in the old farm house. Married in the yard.  Danced the night away in the big old barn, across the gravel driveway.

The Details



Getting Ready




Adam and Kathryn chose to not see each other before the ceremony, but wanted to have a prayer together.

We were so honored to be able to capture the beautiful moment for them.



The Ceremony



Mine forever!

Bridal Party Portraits




And when we showing up matching the wedding party, a photo is in order ;)



Dancing under the stars

The Reception



Hope you two are having the best time in Mexico!!

A Journey

Anyone who reads our blog knows, while we are good at blogging our weddings, we rarely post anything else. You can blame that on me, since Sarah is in charge of blogging the weddings and I, well, am obviously not a great blogger! I wanted to share a bit about my personal journey as the newborn part of our business. When we started out we photographed everything and everyone, everywhere! We learned a ton those first few years: about cameras, photography, running a business, and ourselves. When we started getting comfortable with kids, families and weddings a few years into our official business, I found out I was expecting (again). Naturally, I wanted newborn pictures of my 3rd baby and, with a little research, a whole new world opened up. I discovered studio style newborn photos, of peacefully sleeping angelic newborns instead of the pictures I had of my first two: red from crying, cross eyed in photos, laying in awkwardly posed angles.

This was before pinterest was a thing (imagine all of us who wedding planned back then!) and Facebook wasn't super popular. Somehow I still found Rachel and she changed my life. Rachel's business started a few years before our own. Her personal story of her young adulthood resounded strongly with my own and where I was coming from. I found her because she had poured herself into newborn photography and self learned a ton of tricks and tips that she wanted to share with others like herself. I bought her very first original posing guide and she became something like a star to me. Little did I know that a few years later with a lot of practice and a business well on its way, I would have the chance to spend some time with her and learn from the best of the best.

Which brings me through the next few years and into the present. The newborn workshop I attended was the week of my 28th birthday and was undoubtedly one of the most exciting things I have been able to do! After following her and learning from her online for so long, she became the most famous person I would want to meet. I would have chosen to have a meeting with her over any famous people I could think of. I learned so much from this amazing lady and she stays involved and in touch with everyone she has taught. She has really made us all apart of something bigger than just another workshop, talk, or class.

I was thrilled when she released her newest workshop. This one is based on outdoor family photography and posing. It's full of videos where you can watch how she interacts with clients, poses them and edits her sessions afterwards. It has all the basics, making it perfect for any photographer, whether they are just starting out or advanced and wanting to up their game a bit. We all start somewhere and Rachel just gets that, and is genuine in her helpfulness. I have been asked how I got started and what has made my business grow. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone who shares the love of photography, is looking to make it into something a little more, it would be to ASK QUESTIONS. Remember, we all started somewhere. Also, find a good person to mentor. There are so many terrible workshops out there with people looking to just make money off of you. Spend your money wisely. I highly recommend this amazing teacher and all her workshops, computer or in person!

Here is a link to Rachel's E-Workshop: trust me on this one, its an investment that is worth every penny and more!

Annnnd, since our blog is based on photos, here is some from my workshop with Rachel, along with some recent favorites!


I met some of the best girls at the workshop and made some new friends. We were also the first workshop where a bunch of vendors got together and donated some of their props with a special thanks to Rachel's sister Karis for setting it all up. We were pretty much like a bunch of two year olds on Christmas when we got to open our bags :D

Lena's Cake Smash

The letters say it all: Lena turned one year-old!

Lena had so much fun tearing into her cake. Her Mom made the gorgeous cake from scratch and, once Lena took a little taste, it was all over from there. The precious little angel looked adorable in her frilly white jumper and we loved all of the different facial expressions that she made. 

After all that destructive fun it was time to clean up! The bubbles were so much fun!

Even though outside was kind-of gloomy, this family made it bright. We adored how much fun this family had together and little Lena was so happy and so much fun to work with!

Lena and parents

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun."

Sweet Baby Jensen

As the summer began to end and the leaves began to change,
the lives of two wonderful people transformed into a family of three.

Sweet baby Jensen was welcomed into this world on September, 9th 2014.

Just a few weeks later we were given the opportunity to capture this adorable bundle of joy in the glimpse of time that is the newborn stage.

“Let him sleep, for when he wakes, he will move mountains.”

We aren‘t sure what little Jensen will grow up to become, but we do know that one who wears many different hats will always be prepared.

From pumpkins to footballs and even a raccoon, this sweet boy could melt anyone‘s heart.

Maybe Jensen will even become a golfer and learn all the tricks of the trade from his Daddy. He may even be able to “help out“ as “Daddy‘s little caddy“.

“In golf, as in life, it is the follow through that makes the difference.” Anonymous

No matter where life takes this adorable family, we know that they will always be a family of love and adventure.